Yes Russia is Consecrated– Consecration Chronology

   Yes Russia Is Consecrated!

Fatima JPIIa

John Paul II at Fatima 1988

Everywhere that God performs a Miracle or Work of Grace, the Devil is at Work to Defuse, Confuse and Disillusion!

I was going to do a post on individual and personal consecrations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary today  the DeMontfort or Kolbean Consecrations is one better than the other? But within 2 weeks of this post I came across several people on line and in my parish who were confused on weather or not the Collegial Consecration of Russia had taken place. Imagine that! After all that has taken place, people are still asking: Is the Consecration done?


Fatima Statue in Rome St. John Paul II reciting the Collegial Consecration March 25th 1984.

Today is the 26th anniversary of the Collegial Consecration of Russia. March 25, 1984. It is also the anniversary of my DeMontfort Consecration to Our Lady.  When I made my consecration I had just returned to the practice of the faith. I was so new to the faith I did not at the time understand the significance of a historic event taking place at the same time in Rome. The pope was consecrating Russia!

The signs given of Heavens Intervention in the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and the fact that so many people still question the authenticity of the 1984 Collegial Consecrations indicated that I should comment on the on going controversy surrounding the Collegial Consecration of Russia and Fr. Nicholas Gruner.

Fr. Nicholas Gruner, publisher of  “The Fatima Crusader”  Magazine and Director of an Apostolate entitled: “The International Fatima Rosary Crusade”.  Now on Twitter @TheFatimaCenter and still portrays himself as a persecuted victim of the Vatican bureaucracy, and pretends to his listeners that his case is still being reviewed by the Pope, himself. This claim leaves his readers to believe that he is still a priest with faculties to offer the Mass and the Sacraments. Vatican Perfect Cardinal Hose Sanchez issued an official statement informing everyone that Fr. Gruner was at Fatima in 1992 without faculties to minister in the Diocese of Leiria-Fatima. His numerous web pages and links are still up and misleading many people who come across them when they do searches for information on the Fatima Message

Fr. Gruener’s entire Apostolate is based on the consecration of Russia and he still argues that the consecration was never made properly. He had made it the heart of his magazine that Russia would be converted to the Catholic Faith in a miracle right after the consecration. Since this did not happen as he thought he began to maliciously attack the Pope, himself saying that Lucia was a prisoner of the Pope and he even went so far as to say that she would lie for the Pope. This became his entire Apostolate for many years. Sadly many souls still believe his rhetoric.

In 1994 the new bishop of Avellino issued a decree declaring Gruner a vagus priest. He was without faculties. Faculties are required for preaching and to say the Mass. Preaching is not just verbal but includes writing Newsletters or Magazines like the “Fatima Crusader”.  Fr Gruener did find a Bishop in Brazil In 1994 who offered him incardination until Cardinal Sepe of Rome informed him that he had no authority to do so unless Fr. Gruner lived in Brazil!

An article in the Wanderer, Sept. 2003  confirmed that the church’s highest court the Apostolic Signatura upheld Fr. Gruner’s suspension from his Priestly Faculties and as far as I know this has not been revoked!

News of this suspension was made public in an official press release which in part stated: ‘The Congregation for the Clergy, upon the mandate from a higher authority, wishes to state that Rev. Nicholas Gruner is under a divinis suspension, which has been confirmed by a definitive sentence of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura’.

For a detailed History on Fr. Nicholas Gruner and the confusion he has caused please read an article by Rick Salbato on Father Nicholas Gruner documenting the confusion and errors he has disseminated for the past 20 years.

When I returned to the church in the early 1980’s I was blessed that my first pastor, now called to his eternal reward, was a great Fatima devotee. I owe my grounding in the faith to his preaching, and his example. Fr. Gruners apostolate was very active in the 1980s and 1990s and the Fatima Crusader was often planted in the vestibule of the church back then. He  had many financial supporters to publish such an expensive magazine and literally give them away. My former pastor always warned us not to follow Fr. Gruner and tossed all the magazines along with the beautiful pictures sometimes as many as twenty or thirty in the trash. I noted then that the magazine always said something different than what my pastor preached and the bishops said. Unbelievably almost 30 years later in my present parish some soul still plants the Fatima Crusader and I toss them in the trash with my present pastors blessing.

Pope Benedict XVI “The word obedience has disappeared from our vocabulary in our contemporary world. The reality of obedience is anathematized.”

002o-Night Vigil

Benedict XVI at Fatima May 12-13th, 2010

Sadly, Fr. Gruner is just one of many individuals and groups who have rebelled against church authority and allowed the devil to use their pride to rob them of their common sense and Catholic Faith.  Everyone today is his own authority judge and lawgiver. When the church gives her pronouncement instead of humbly accepting the church we proudly and loudly rebel and become the instrument of the devil.

Cardinal Bertone has reported to the press many times that the message of Fatima is finished, yet the Pope in 2010 announced that we are mistaken if we think the prophecies of Fatima have been fulfilled. Cardinal Bertone reported that Lúcia Santos, one of the seers of the Fátima apparitions, said that the consecration requested by the Virgin Mary was fulfilled and accepted in heaven, and that everyone should live out the consecration personally by faithfully wearing the Brown Scapular.  Saying their daily rosaries and fulfilling the 5 First Saturdays.  The Pope  has done his part it is up to the people now—The people are preparing their own punishment.

The following links are notes and Letters from Sr. Lucia in response to the controversy raised by Fr. Gruner. 
Copy of Letter from Sr. Lucia to Fr. Fox of the Fatima Family Apostolate 
For additional notes and Letters of Sr. Lucia on the Consecration

The Fatima Consecration Chronology

The history of the Consecration of Russia goes back to the apparition in Tuy Spain in 1929 When Our Lady came to fulfilled her promise of July 13, 1917.  Appearing to Sr. Lucia  in Tuy she told her: “The moment has come when God asks the Holy Father in union with all the bishops of the world, to make the consecration of Russia to my Heart, promising to save it by this means. It wasn’t until 1940 that Lucia was finally given permission to write the pope, Pius XII requesting the consecration. Translation of this letter may be viewed at the end of this post.

Pope Pius XII and the popes after him in subsequent years consecrated and reconsecrated the world and later Russia but never in union with all the Bishops of the world. Our Lord stipulated this condition so the world would know that this grace came from the Immaculate Heart of his Mother. Even the pope has to be exactly obedient to a higher authority when it is requested by God.

On May 13 1981

Pope John Paul II is shot in St. Peters Square on May 13. During the long months of suffering and 47751recuperation in Gemelli Hospital, the Holy Father requests and studies more deeply documents relating to Fatima. His determination to consecrate Russia with bishops of the world grows stronger. In leaving the clinic he remarks: I have come to understand that the only way to save the world from war, to save it from atheism, is the conversion of Russia according to the message of Fatima.

May 13, 1982 Pope John Paul II invites the bishops of the world to join him in consecrating the world and with it Russia to the Immaculate Heart. Many Bishops do not receive the invitation in time for the Pope’s trip to Fatima, where he accomplishes the consecration. Sr. Lucia later says it did not fulfill the conditions.

October, 1983  Pope John Paul II, at the Synod of Bishops, renews the 1982 Consecration. This also did not fulfill the conditions as many bishops were not present and were not asked.

RomeMarch 25, 1984  Finally Pope John Paul II, has the statue of Our Lady in the little chapel brought to Rome and in advance sends invitations to every bishop to join him on this date “united with all the pastors of the Church in a particular bond whereby we constitute a body and a college, “consecrates” the whole world, especially the peoples for which by reason of their situation you have particular love and solicitude.” shortly thereafter Sr. Lucia tells the papal nuncio to Portugal that the Consecration is fulfilled.

Note:  This was also 100 years after the Vision of Pope Leo XIII  on October 13, 1884.  Pope Leo XII had a locution hearing Satan and Jesus conversing. Satan boasted to Jesus he would destroy his Church and was granted 100 years to try and destroy God’s Church. It was after this that the pope composed the prayer to St. Michael, which was prayed after each Mass at the foot of the altar.

What Happened After the Consecration?

Those who follow Fr Gruner still argue that Russia was, not converted and the consecration was never made. These people are misleading many from the truth and into disobedience and possible loss of their Catholic faith to disobey legitimate church authority. Follow Link below for another updated post on this subject

Historical Timelines Link Fatima with May Day  St. Joseph and Vatican II 
The Consecration of Russia and Events Leading to the end of Soviet Union

In Fact, Russia was converted from Communism to relative Freedom of Religion

Its conversion is ongoing and free. God respects the free will of men. They have freedom to convert or reject the faith. Our Lady never said that Russia would be converted to Catholicism. She said, simply, that it would be converted and a period of peace would be given to the world. If you examine the Historical Events that took place leading to the final dissolution of the Union of Soviet Union It would be impossible for you not to see that God’s hands were involved in the dismantling of the Soviet Union. Beginning on May 13, 1984 just two months after the pope made the consecration in Rome, an explosion took place at the naval base in Russia! Read the timeline below.

Historical Events Leading to Dissolution of Soviet Union

May 13, 1984 One of the largest crowds in Fatima history gathers at the shrine to pray the Rosary for peace.

May 13, 1984 An explosion at the Soviets’ Severomorsk Naval Base destroys two-thirds of all the missiles stockpiled for the Soviets’ Northern Fleet. The blast also destroys workshops needed to maintain the missiles as well as hundreds of scientists and technicians. Western military experts called it the worst naval disaster the Soviet Navy has suffered since WWII. Again in the same year on Dec 13. An explosion in Siberia destroyed Russia’s largest ammunition base.

December 19 1984 Soviet Defense Minister Marshal Ustinov, mastermind of the invasion plans for Western Europe, suddenly and mysteriously dies. Three days later December 22 Marshal Sodolov, the 2nd Minister of Defense died.

March 10, 1985  Soviet Chairman Konstantin Chernenko dies

March 11, 1985  Soviet Chairman Mikhail Gorbachev elected

April 26, 1986  Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident. A little known fact that  Chernobyl in Ukrainian is translated as Wormwood.

Rev. 8:10-11: The third anChernobylgel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water– the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.

May 12, 1988   Fatima Vigil An explosion wrecked the only factory that made the rocket motors for the Soviets’ deadly SS 24 long-range missiles, which carry ten nuclear bombs each.

August 29, 1989 Sr. Lucia affirms that the consecration “has been accomplished” and that “God will keep His word.” correspondence

Berlin Wall

November 9, 1989  Fall of the Berlin Wall  the picture below is a portion of the Berlin Wall donated to the Fatima Sanctuary as part of a thanksgiving for Our Lady of Fatima’s role (and many, many rosaries being prayed) in helping bring about the fall of Communism.

Nov-Dec 1989 Peaceful revolutions in Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania

1990   East and West Germany are unified

August 19, 1991 –74th Anniversary of Our Ladys fourth apparition at Fatima – Communist coup attempts overthrow of Gorbachev who contributed largely to dismantling of Soviet Empire.

August 22, 1991 Feast of the Queenship of Mary -The attempt of Communist coup to return to hard Communism is defeated.

October 12 – 13, 1991 –First Russian Pilgrimage to Fatima: Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, Roman Catholic Archbishop from Moscow leads first Russian pilgrimage group to Fatima. It is televised in Russia on 150 stations and 350 radio stations. Fr. Robert Fox director of Fatima Family Apostolate is asked to be present in Fatima with the Russian group.

December 1991 –Gorbachev meets the Pope in the Vatican a second time; diplomatic relations were opened between the Vatican and Russia and Latin-rite churches were opened.

December 8th, 1991-Feast of the Immaculate Conception. There begins the Commonwealth of Republics, the end of the USSR. Twelve days later Yeltsin of Russia met with the Pope at the Vatican.

December 25, 1991-Dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  The Communist flag is taken down for the last time over the Kremlin in Moscow. Gorbachev resigned and sent a letter to Pope John Paul II. Fifteen republics were freed from Communism.

December 30, 1991-Sister Lucia is reported saying that the defeat of Communism was through Marys intercession.

In Conclusion the Church has suspended Fr. Nicholas from his priestly faculties and as far as I am aware this suspension has not been revoked. In following the Fátima message one must choose between Fr. Gruner’s example of disobedience to legitimate ecclesiastical authority, or Sr. Lucia’s heroic example of obedience to the Church during a difficult time in Church history.

Letter of Sr. Lucia to Pope Pius XII requesting the Consecration of the World and Russia tothe Immaculate Heart of Mary!

“He that is not with the Pope is not with God, and he thatwants to be with God, has to be with the Pope.” -Sr. Lucia

Sr. LuciaTuy, Spain, 2nd of December of 1940

Most Holy Father,

Humbly prostrated at your feet, I come as the last sheep of the fold entrusted to you to open my heart, by order of my spiritual director.

I am the only survivor of the children to whom our Lady appeared in Fátima (Portugal) from the 13th of May to the 13th of October 1917. The Blessed Virgin has granted me many graces, the greatest of all being my admission to the Institute of Saint Dorothy. (To here this is copy of the sketch the Bishop sent me.)

I come, Most Holy Father, to renew a request that has already been brought to you several times. The request, Most Holy Father, is from our Lord and our good Mother in Heaven.

In 1917, in the portion of the apparitions that we have designated “the secret,” the Blessed Virgin revealed the end of the war that was then afflicting Europe, and predicted another forthcoming, saying that to prevent it She would come and ask the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart as well as the Communion of reparation on the first Saturday. She promised peace and the conversion of that nation if her request was attended to. She announced that otherwise this nation would spread her errors throughout the world, and there would be wars, persecutions of the Holy Church, martyrdom of many Christians, several persecutions and sufferings reserved for Your Holiness, and the annihilation of several nations.

Most Holy Father, this remained a secret until 1926 according to the express will of our Lady. Then, in a revelation She asked that the Communion of reparation on the first Saturdays of five consecutive months be propagated throughout the world, with its conditions of doing the following with the same purpose; going to confession, meditating for a quarter of an hour on the mysteries of the Rosary and saying the Rosary with the aim of making reparation for the insults, sacrileges and indifferences committed against Her Immaculate Heart. Our good Heavenly Mother promises to assist the persons who practice this devotion, in the hour of their death, with all the necessary graces for their salvation. I exposed the request of our Lady to my confessor, who tried to have it fulfilled, but only on the 13th of September 1939 did His Excellency the Bishop of Leiria make public in Fatima this request of our Lady.

I take this opportunity, Most Holy Father, to ask you to bless and extend this devotion to the whole world. In 1929, through another apparition, our Lady asked for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, promising its conversion through this means and the hindering of the propagation of its errors.  Sometime afterwards I told my confessor of the request of our Lady. He tried to fulfill it by making it known to Pius XI.

In several intimate communications our Lord has not stopped insisting on this request, promising lately, to shorten the days of tribulation which He has determined to punish the nations for their crimes, through war, famine and several persecutions of the Holy Church and Your Holiness, if you will consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with a special mention for Russia, and order that all the Bishops of the world do the same in union with Your Holiness. I truly feel your sufferings, Most Holy Father! And, at much as I can through my humble prayers and sacrifices, I try to lessen them, close to our Lord and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Most Holy Father, if in the union of my soul with God I have not been deceived, our Lord promises a special protection to our country in this war, due to the consecration of the nation by the Portuguese Prelates, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary; as proof of the graces that would have been granted to other nations, had they also consecrated themselves to Her.

Now, Most Holy Father, allow me to make one more request, which is but an ardent wish of my humble heart; that the feast in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary be extended throughout the whole world as one of the main feasts of the Holy Church.

With the deepest respect and reverence I ask for the Apostolic Blessing. May God protect Your Holiness.

Maria Lucia de Jesus Tuy, Spain, 2nd of December of 1940.

From Novos Documentos de Fátima, Fr. Anthony Mario Martins, SJ (Oporto: 1984). English edition: Documents on Fatima & Memoirs of Sr. Lucia. (Alexandria, SD: Fatima Family Apostolate, 1992).

Letter of Sr. Lucia to Pope Pius XII
 Follow Link below for another updated post on this subject
Historical Timelines Link Fatima with May Day  St. Joseph and Vatican II j
The Consecration of Russia and Events 

4 Responses to Yes Russia is Consecrated– Consecration Chronology

  1. Great article, well researched.
    God bless you and yours and his work at your hands and may you all have a Blessed Christmas.


  2. Nike Air Max 1 says:

    I have been examining your posts and it’s pretty nice stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your blog.


  3. perry lewis says:

    whoever wrote this, you are truly mistaken; THE CONSECRATION has done been fulfilled according to Our Lady of Fatima’s Request. There have been, truly, consecration prayers made, yes, but not the specific Consecration of RUSSIA to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as OUr Lady of Fatima requested. RUSSIA must be the object of the Consecration. With no mention of the place of Russia, the consecration is not fulfilled according to the request of 1929 by Our Lady to Sister Lucia. Those who disagree with this as yourself are part of the group called “Fatima-Lite.” It is most noteworthy of explanatory reading. Fr. Nick Gruner is the Apostle of Fatima and is truly persecuted. He does speak the Truth. This is not an issue of taking sides; this is the issue of what Our Lady has asked of the Pope since 1929 and it has not been done and been put aside. The Consecration eventually will be done, but it will probably be too late just as King Louis XiV was to do: to consecrate France to the Sacred Heart; he did not. It was too late when that consecration was done-a hundred years to the day, and we are nearing one hundred years to Fatima, 2017.


    • Have you comprehended the article at all? Your comments indicate you may not have even read the whole article. I am well aware of the Historical History of the various papal consecrations that occurred at Fatima over the decades. The church along with Sr. Lucia has stated the consecration has taken place on March 25th, 1984. The pope has done his part it is up to the people. Sr Lucia wrote this in a letter to Fr Fox founder of the Fatima Family Apostolate.

      You say that Fr Gruener is persecuted by the church. He is not being persecuted but he is being corrected for his errors that he still persists in. Fr Gruener is not part of the Church’s Majesterium he does not have the grace of the Office of Bishop and yet he teaches as if he has this authority. He is deceiving many people! Also you have falsely accused me of being a part of a group called “Fatima Lite” and insinuated I am a “False Friend of Fatima. A false friend because I choose to be obedient to the church. Where did you get “Fatima Lite” from? I have never heard of nor subscribed to such a group.

      Your reference to the King of France is well taken but not in the context you are referring. Sr. Lucia has stated that it is the people who are preparing their own punishment. How many Catholics seriously live their faith and follow the requests of Our Lady at Fatima? How many say the daily Family Rosary and wear the brown scapular? How many have made their First Saturdays and go to confession at least once a month? How many receive communion in a state of Grace and How many are receiving Holy Communion while still dissenting from church teaching. Sad state of affairs we are in. These are the “False Friends of Fatima.” you refer too! We are preparing our punishment not the pope!


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