St.Bernadette’s Body 138 years after her death


Remember that the sisters of those days were buried in a pine  box and in no way embalmed like today. She died on April 16, 1879 and her body is Incorrupt. She is in the ranks of the Incorruptible Saints in the Catholic Church.

Even though incorruptibility does not confer sainthood upon the subject, it is still appreciated by the church as a supernatural occurrence the laws of nature have been suspended on their behalf for our edification and hope. Her Feast Day is celebrated on February 18

According to documents researched by Andre Ravier,S.J. in the Archives of Saint-Gildard Convent in Nevers; The body when first exhumed in 1909 was recorded to have been a dull white color and the nose was already dilated and shrunken although the hands perfectly preserved and  she was fingering a rosary that was rusted. One could also smell a sweet perfumed fragrance in the presence of the body. Her eyes were not recorded as having sunk at this time but after several hours exposed to the air the body was beginning to take on a dark appearance in the skin tone. This darkening occurred naturally when the body  was exposed to the air during each exhumation. Today the body is preserved in an air tight casket but when it is opened the perfumed scent has been noted.

In 1925  when the body was once more exhumed the examiners noting that her eyes were sunken and to disguise this and a blackish tinge to her face and hands a very fine wax was laid over the face and hands of St. Bernadette’s body.

The Body of St Bernadette after 138  years

Bernadette2 Her body is still preserved and if you ever go to  Nevers, France near Lourdes you can visit in person Her final resting place and view her body.   Miracles have taken place here and at  Lourdes  in France where St Bernadette beheld our Lady as the Immaculate Conception.


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238 Responses to St.Bernadette’s Body 138 years after her death

  1. Becky Kalaw says:

    St. Bernadette, pray for us!


  2. Anne says:

    Looking at some of the negative comments
    Miracles can and do happen all the time
    You need to believe and to understand that all of this is real.. Heaven is real…just because you can’t see it, does not mean it’s not there….There is a realm between earth & heaven…there is something wonderfully amazing behind this realm….


  3. Mary Psaila says:

    This is INCREDIBLE… !!?
    ST .Bernadette ..please pray for us all …esp for the sick & hurt ..
    . & for those away from Christ ..
    . & presently for my family …as we just lost our beloved Mum.. intercede for us all. To have courage .. & strenght to go,on … please xx


    • Brien Doyle says:

      This is disgusting.. The article lies – do your own research instead of blindly believing the lies. Your prayers are useless – Act like you live in the age of science and not in the dark ages of gods.


  4. Charles Mezie-Okoye says:

    This is incredible, God is wonderful, St. Bernadette, pray for me.


  5. gaiainaction says:

    I would just like to ask how this is possible apart from a miracle? Can it be explained by science?


  6. rita fenech says:

    St bernadette please take care of my family,and bless our pope.


  7. Sharon says:

    St Bernadette, Please help bring good health to my family & friends. I hate to say it but I broke away from the church. I still believe, I just don’t believe some things I was told when I was a child.. Maybe I’m not a Catholic anymore but just a believer. I believe in the power of prayer. Maybe they won’t work for me but I won’t stop them because of other things I have seen in my life that there were no wasn’t any other explanation why things happen a certain way. .Because of that I pray for health, not only physical but emotionally too. If you have your health you can do anything. So please Bernadette, help the ones who can’t help themselves. I know you passed in pain at such an early I feel you understand. Hey it doesn’t hurt to ask. xo


  8. chris says:

    Why direct prayers to someone who is dead and helpless? There is no other name apart from that of the living Lord Jesus. God did not even command to pray in the name of ‘God’ but of Jesus, not saints, not Mary, not Moses, not Isaac, not Paul. Let’s wake up christians!


    • We do not pray in the name of any saint. We pray to the saint to intercede for us to God. Sort of like calling your mom on the phone to ask Dad to help you to pay to fix your car. This is how we pray to the saints who are close to God.


  9. chris says:

    The greatest miracle is salvation of the soul. Let’s not focus on the dead body.


  10. A Kingston says:

    Nevers is not near Lourdes, it’s in Bourgogne in central France.


  11. johncross says:

    O Holy Saints intercede for as of 2017 for the human pilgrims.. especially erwin santos lazo.. perla b. lazo… erza b. lazo.. erwin josef b. lazo.. erla b. lazo.. erlan b. lazo


  12. St. Bernadet, like other Saibts in heaven,
    The Lord grant you the power to distribute graces, to whom you will and when you will.
    I want to see you there and the grotto of Lourdes,please let me get there.
    May the Lord Jesus Christ and God Almighty grant my prayer request.
    For this i pray in Jesus name and through your intercession and Mother Mary our Mother of Perpetual help.


  13. Truly God works moves in a mysterious ways. Explendily Amazing and an extra ordinarily Beautiful…
    I believe in miracles as what The Holy Bibles teach us. The Power Of God is Unfathomable. The body of St. Bernadet is Gods creation, He chosses her to see the wonders of His creation, to leave a message to be firm to our faith to Him The Great Creator and The Author of our life. Through His Son Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us another chance to repent our sin and to restore our life to be a good Christian , to be worthy of Gods Love to us. To believe that Morher Mary is truly an Immaculate Conception, The Mother of our Lord Jesus chosen by God. To be His mother and to be our Mother of Perpetual Help. That God and The Lord Jesus grant Mother Mary the power of Intercession to help us in our needs. To bind us through the prayer of the Holy Rosary.
    God Bless Everyone!
    Mary Jocelyn Tamayo Dumasig
    Intercessory Ministry
    BLD Community
    Molve Chapter, Molave Zambo. Del Sur


  14. God has all power over heaven and earth. If He decides to give us a sign of His power by making the body of St. Bernadette be incorruptiable, who are we to doubt what is self evident?


  15. Gus Krebs says:

    Pray for me a sinner, Kesus, Son of the Living God.


  16. Mary Margaret McDonald says:

    Let us all treat others with love and kindness. We all need to strive to be Saints and do the will of God through prayer. Let us praise God for His many graces and blessings.


  17. Brigitte says:

    She’s dead. She’s a human being. She is corruptible just like all the rest of the human race God created. I can assure you if you asked her anything now she would have a totally different View and opinion. She will be judged accordingly just like all the rest of us when the Lord comes back. She is not incorruptible, for the Lord said there is none good, saith the Lord. For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. ¶ No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

    Lk 16:13


  18. Francesca grech says:

    Please help me pray to the holy mother to join my family and sell my house tx


  19. rpbilleaud says:

    She looks pretty good … especially for being dead 138 years. Miracle? Perhaps. I’d be interested in hearing what scientists have to say. I don’t discount the possibility of miracles, but extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.


  20. marie diphillipo says:

    st Bernadette I would like to go to Lourdes please help me get there



    Saint Bernadette, please pray and protect my daughter Katie who is suffering so….help her to find Jesus love and to call our to our Blessed Mother for you help and protection…in Jesus name I ask this prayer.


  22. Madeline says:

    Just overwhelming!


  23. Ernie Gregoire says:

    What became of the secrets she was to let the world know after x number of years?


    • I think you must be talking about someone else.


    • Margaret Hawthorne says:

      You are talking about the secrets of Fatima In Portugal. Our Lady appeared to the 3 children, one boy and two girls. The secret has yet to be revealed. It is another shrine.
      In Ireland we also have a shrine in Knock we’re many pilgrims visit. Our Blessed Lady also appeared there as well. I hope this information assists you. God Bless.


    • Sharon says:

      They just had a show on Fatima. Your thinking of the 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. The girl who kept the last secret wrote it on paper & gave it to the church. It was supposed to be read in 1967 I think but they didn’t read it. She became a nun & passed. The said the church showed a piece of paper but they don’t believe it was from her. They say that it might be because it told the end of the church & maybe the world, that the oceans would rise & cover the land. One was something they believe was the Pope being shot. I didn’t get to see it to the end, It was on AHC on April 13th. It was called The Vatican Cover Up. The showed them as children & her as a nun. I want to see if its on demand.


  24. juanita peterka says:

    St. Bernadette. Asking for help for my children to overcome their addictions so to have the knowledge to improve their life and their families. I ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ.


  25. john mcgarry says:

    Saint Bernadette, please pray for our family, health, finances, and happiness. and for all who suffer and are in need. Through the blessings of The Blessed Virgin Mary.


  26. Chris Rogers says:

    Only Jesus can intercede in prayer to the Father for us. To worship any but the Father is idolatry and a sin.


    • Yvonne says:

      No one is worshiping Bernadette. Do you know what the Communion of saints is? Just as you call a friend and ask them to pray for you or your family so we call on those in heaven to pray for us and with us. We don’t worship the Blessed Virgin Mary either. Jesus told St John “behold your Mother” and to Mary He said “behold your son”. Jesus wants us to go to Mary as we would our earthly mothers and ask for help.


  27. tommaso giovanni says:

    please pray my family!!!! and pray for America, and Donald trump!!


  28. Monica says:

    St. Bernadette, please pray for me my son and my family. Bestow your blessings and please convey this small message to my best friend Jesus and my mother Mary that I love them a lot.


  29. Patrick P Stasen says:

    Saint Bernadette pray for all my family and friends and for all those who are suffering..


  30. Madi Simmons says:

    asking for blessings for all who are hurting,sick,and need Gods protection


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