Devotions to the Holy Face

The devotion to the Holy Face has a long rich history. When the Holy Face devotion was first given in the 1840’s by Our Lord to Sr. Mary St. Peter. Our Lord wanted us to repair primarily for sins against the first 3 commandments that are sins against God himself!

1. I, the Lord, am your God. You shall not have other gods besides me.
2. You shall not take the name of the Lord God in vain
3. Remember to keep holy the Lord’s Day

(see: Seeking the Face of Christ during Lent ) and can also be linked in God’s line of Providence with the Apparition of Our Lady at LaSalette in France 1846.

In 1846, Sr Mary of St, Peter was still receiving revelations on the Holy Face from our Lord when Our Lady appeared at LaSalette, France in 1846. With this in mind and seeing the state of the world today one should reflect seriously on the times we are in and the need for reparation. I believe this remedy to appease the anger of God (Devotion to the Holy Face) needs to be taken up for our time as well. I am starting the Novena to the Holy Face Today on Shrove Tuesday. I ask others to join with me. The Novena can be started anytime Nine days before Ash Wednesday what Our Lord asked for but anytime especially during Lent is ok. Maybe a Novena to the Holy Face can be said in a parish 9 Days before good Friday. Its reparatory prayer for blasphemies.

Let us heed Our Lords Call for reparation for sins against the commandments that directly attack the majesty of God. For more Information on the Arch-confraternity to the Holy Face and the Defenders of the Holy Name of God Also See: Seeking the Face of God During Lent

“The executioners crucified me on Friday Christians Crucify me on Sunday!”

Our Lord to Sr. Mary of St. Peter: “The Savior made me understand that His justice was greatly irritated against mankind for its sins but particularly for those that directly outrage the Majesty of God – that is, Communism, Atheism, cursing, and the desecration of Sundays and the Holy Days. He said: ‘The executioners crucified me on Friday Christians Crucify me on Sunday!'”

“Our Lord then made me see that this frightful sin of Blasphemy wounds His Divine Heart more grievously than all other sins, showing me how by BLASPHEMY the sinner curses Him to His Face, attacks Him publicly, nullifies His Redemption, and pronounces his own judgment and condemnation…How many TV shows blaspheme the Holy Name of God and we think nothing of it

At LaSalette Our Lady echoed the very same concerns that Our Lord told to Sr. Mary of St. Peter in Tours France. Namely that she could no longer hold the arm of her son back from chastising humanity because of the profanation of Sundays and taking the Lord’s name in vain.

“ I gave you six days to work, I kept the seventh for myself, and no one wishes to grant it to me. This is what weighs down the arm of my Son so much. Those who drive carts cannot speak without putting the name of my Son in the middle. These are the two things which weigh down the arm of my Son so much.”

The Virgin Mary at LaSalette predicted that the harvest would completely fail. In December 1846, most of the popular crops were disease stricken, and in 1847 a famine hit Europe which resulted in the loss of approximately one million lives, including one hundred thousand in France alone. Cholera became prevalent in various parts of France and claimed the lives of many children.

The demise of the Second French Republic with the Franco-Prussian War (1870–1871) and the communist uprising of the Paris Commune of 1871 were also predicted. The Punishments predicted at LaSalette are all in consequence for the lapse of Catholic’s and Christians in the practice of the faith! She foretold also a time after the Fatima Message and the appearance of the antichrist. The secrets given the children of LaSalette are called today “Our Lady’s. Apocalypse” 

The foreboding prophecy of Our Lady given to Melanie and Maximus. at LaSallette describes in detail similarity our present situation in the church and the world. The political situations of the nations with a looming risk of nuclear war at any time is a grave concern. The risk is greater today than the 1960 Cuban missile crisis. Russia and China are also working behind the scenes supplying North Korea with technology and oil to withstand our embargo. Whatever we do they will no doubt become involved. Pray for President Trump.

There has never been a greater time for Heavens help it is now. This year Shrove Tuesday Falls on February 13th. The anniversary of the death of Sr. Lucia of Fatima. The number 13 and the star on Our Lady’s dress representing the star of Ester linked the message of Fatima with the Old Testamentstament book of Ester.  When God called Sr. Lucia at Fatima eternal life on February 13th in 2005 Heaven strongly stamped the Fatima message linking it to the book of Ester.

In the book of Ester the Jewish people were threatened with extermination on the 13th of the month of Adar in the Jewish calendar. Queen Ester asked for a fast so she could approach the King and beg for his mercy.  The 13th of the month of Adar is February 13th in our calendar. When Lucia of Fatima entered eternal life on February 13th in 2005, God once again linked Fatima with the book of Ester.  If ever there was a time and calling for reperatory prayers to offer to God through Our Lady to save us it is now.

February 13th this year falls on Shrove Tuesday. This is no coincidence! Our Lord wants us to make reparations for the sins of blasphemy Today in Light of the Fatima Message.

As we said above there is a long history of reparation to the Holy Face beginning with the Carmelite nun St. Mary Peter of Tours who was asked to help institute the feast and make reparations for blasphemy against the Holy name of God and the profanation of the Sunday Sabbath.

Please spread the word and Join me as I pray the novena to the Holy Face of Jesus. The Novena begins on Sunday February 4th. Nine days before Shrove Tuesday February 13th. Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday the first day of Lent on February 14th.  Let us pray together for God’s mercy on the Church and Humanity. Its up to us to help our Lady. Will we have the 10% to save our present day Sodom and Gomorrah?

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