BEST 2-Minute Defense of God’s Marriage by Skateboarder

BEST 2-Minute Defense of God’s Marriage by Skateboarder

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TFP Student Action volunteers meet people from all walks of life when they tour the country in defense of moral values.  The two-minute unplanned, impromptu recording was captured during a campaign for traditional marriage in White Plains, New York.

God said, “Be fruitful and multiply.”  How are you multiplying if you’re — I’m not saying a bad word — but it says homosexual.  If you’re a homosexual, it’s wrong.  Seek help.  It’s like a drug condition. It’s just wrong.  There’s help to be got. People, there really is!It’s about Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.If God wanted it to be that way, He would have made Adam and Steve, or two females. But He didn’t.  He made man and took the ribs and made woman as his support, as his comforter, as his everything; not the other way around. People, come on.  It’s simple. It’s simple. And your confusing the kids, which is wrong!

My nine year-old step-daughter saw this [homosexual lifestyle] on TV the other night and she was like, “Oh, so it’s okay.”  And it’s wrong.  You’re sending the wrong message to the kids.

They can tell kids it’s okay for a guy to kiss a guy, but they can tell a kid that it’s NOT okay for them to say “God bless America?”  Does anyone else not see the problem with that?  It’s wrong.  It’s wrong. You hear the kids? It’s about the kids...Read More


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