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Christmas Flash Mobs always a delight to revisit.

There is nothing like a rousing rendition of  Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus to lift ones soul towards Heavenly things. I thank God that this form of Religious expression is still legal in America but for how long? Lets hope this tradition … Continue reading

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Sometimes a lesser good must be chosen to prevent a future greater evil. This presidential election is one of those times!

The long-term consequences for Christians in America could be devastating as the next president will nominate at least 2 new Supreme Court Justices. Continue reading

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Urgent Request for Prayer and fasting for Middle East Christians‏

Prayer and fasting for Middle East Christians‏ The email was sent today and asked for us to pray and fast tomorrow for the urgent situation in the Middle East.   If you have heard of this and can do so tomorrow … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and President Obama –Moynihan Report Letter #11

From:@RobertMoynihan To:@Speramus Date: Thurday, March 27, 2014 Subject: Letter #11–Francis and Obama   March 27, 2014, Thursday – Francis and President Obama “The two were scheduled to meet for just half an hour, but their private discussion lasted 52 minutes. … Continue reading

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UN tries to impose Religious Freedom limits on Church! A Shot was fired and Vatican Responds!

This is a very important article for all of those concerned with Religious freedom for he Church. We have a huge battle that we are in the midst of here in the United States and it can still go either … Continue reading

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E-Letter #4 What is at Stake- ‘A WORLD WITHOUT GOD’-A society with no future?

E-Letters from Robert Moynihan  Founder & editor of Inside the Vatican magazine. He has given permission to republish letters of interest on Speramus’ Posterous. Please consider subscribing to his Magazine! insidethevatican.com From: Dr. Robert Moynihan @RobertMoynihan Sent: Sat 2/22/14 10:09 … Continue reading

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Christians are following the Pied Piper accepting the Violation of God’s Laws to the Destruction of Human Civilization

To: Spera Rose, Ocds @Speramus Subject: Patriarch Krill from the Russian Orthodox Church warns against legislating in favor of same sex marriage calling it a threat to human civilization! Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2014 17:55:32 -0500 I read the following … Continue reading

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