Sometimes a lesser good must be chosen to prevent a future greater evil. This presidential election is one of those times!

The future consequences of an uninformed or indifferent vote will be a disaster for Christians and the Church. The long-term consequences for Christians in America may be devastating as the next president will nominate at least 2 new Supreme Court Justices.

There are very high stakes in this election on crucial moral issues which the media ignores. Does that surprise you? Out of site out of mind!  I will certainly will not sin by voting for Trump even if another 3rd party candidate proves to be morally a better candidate! A well informed conscience with common sense allows you to vote for the lesser evil even over a present good, if a future greater evil can hope to be prevented. Persecution of the church (by appointing liberal Supreme Court justices), is a future greater evil if Hillary is elected.

A recent LA Times article stated Trump is gaining in the polls.  A third party vote or worse those who do not vote at all will do the country and the church irreparable harm.

Source: Sometimes a lesser good must be chosen to prevent a future greater evil. This presidential election is one of those times!


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Still Hoping for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! I am a Secular Carmelite and a Marian Catechist joining with those who love Our Lady of Fatima to help Her win the final Victory for Christo et Ecclessiae (Christ and His Church)! Posts on Speramus' Posterous are not always Fatima related. However, I hope they will be of interest to you and will help you to grow in the spiritual life and continue to "Fight the good fight of faith,and lay hold to eternal life, to which you are also called...." 1 Timothy 6:12. For more posts relating to the message of Our Lady at Fatima and its application for our times please follow me on Blogger or Twitter
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