Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich: The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Letters from your sister

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich’s The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary has become one of my favorite spiritual reading.The kindle version is .99 (awesome!)

Anne Catherine had visions of all the events of creation from before creation, the lives of the holy family, Jesus’ life, death, crucifixion and resurrection.I have not read but plan to read the rest of her visions –  which Mel Gibson used to create the movie The Passion.

The life of the BVM

Anne’s visions are like being transported to the past and watching the Life of Mary. Anne had visions all her life and didn’t realize her gift until she understood that no one else could see what she saw. There is a history of dispute over the validity of her visions, yet there are many occurrences throughout the years that have proven what is recorded true. For example, the locating of the Blessed Virgin’s home, in present day Turkey

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