Spiritual warfare in Oklahoma City and another battle yet in Rome?

A team of nineteen TFP Student Action volunteers drove down from Pennsylvania (1,291 miles one way). Along with other faithful from across the country who also arrived to console Our Lord and the Blessed Mother. Multiple buses rolled in from Kansas.They were be able to stand up for Holy Mother Church, the true Mass, and the Holy Eucharist — praying the rosary, holding signs and displaying banners outside the Civic Center. Evil has never been so brazen. God has never been so reviled in a public venue, with the complicity of city officials who refused to cancel the black mass. Never has the spiritual battle between good and evil been so apparent. At 3:00, TFP volunteers joined thousands of fellow Catholics for a Holy Hour, procession and Benediction led by Archbishop Coakley at St. Francis Church. The Church was jam packed and the overflow crowd spilled out into the street.

My thanks to everyone for doing what you were able to do for God and his Church! All satanists use the black mass to wage war against God and the Church. Our prayers and sacrifices did not stop this Mass but they did obtain a united front of Christian witness! Catholics and other Christian faiths joined together to stem the tide of evil. We will not sit back and let evil triumph without a spiritual fight! Today silence is not an option because evil always triumphs when good men do nothing!! Good men cannot sleep anymore we need to stand up and fight for the common good or else we lose the faith for our children.

If the event involved stomping on the Koran, I bet the Civic Center would be calling for tolerance,” said TFP Student Action Director, John Ritchie. “But since the Black Mass calls for stomping on the Holy Eucharist, the Civic Center claims the event is ‘educational’ and deserves a public platform, which happens to be funded with Christian tax-dollars. Shame on the Civic Center. They’re misusing the 1st Amendment as a billy club to beat God-loving Americans over the head. It needs to stop.”

Also see: Hundreds gather in Oklahoma City to pray, protest ‘black mass’

About 1,600 gathered Sunday afternoon to bear witness to their Christian faith in the face of “dark forces targeting Oklahoma City, the site of a satanic “black mass” that was held Sunday night.

Archbishop Coakley thanked the faithful for joining together to witness. “Your presence here today is a powerful witness of your faith in the midst of a challenging time for our community. “A war being waged against the devil….” “Our city has been targeted by dark forces,” he told the crowd.

I can’t help but feel melancholic over the fact that the black mass took place with permission of our government allowing blasphemy against God!

This and other news coming out of Rome this week unsettled me. Francis & Benedict

In Rome, there is a different spiritual war fare being fought within the church. Don’t kid yourself it is with the same evil spirit pulling the strings as in Oklahoma!

In the mid 1960s, Ven. Pope Paul VI said the Smoke of satan entered the church. What is that smoke but Lucifer and the communion of evil. Lucifer a spirit without a body can mimic the Holy Spirit in the communion of evil. The communion of evil are souls in mortal sin that satan is able to use better to promote his agenda.

I need time to pray over and digest the events that took place in Rome this week before I comment. Maybe this is all I should say. It is too big for us Lord and in these cases our best defense is pray and wait for the Lord. It is His church and he promised that he would be with us always and the gates of hell will not prevail over her. The church is being attacked by Satan from her own fallen members some very high up in the ranks.

The bark of peter is tossed on the waves again from those whose words are good but actions are dubious, A”Do as I say not as I do!” scenario. But knowing the history of the church that went through similiar ordeals in the past a sure sign of hope the faithful prayed and offered sufferings waiting for the Lord Jesus to keep his promise to Peter: “Upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” God will eventually right all the wrongs and keep the church from teaching error so In this case it appears we must wait for God to act lest we also sin!

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Defeat of Bad AngelsDiscernment of spirits takes time and prudence in order to know the truth and obtain Gods grace for the proper course of action. Lord grant us humility and prudence! Grant a deep conversion of heart for those who are making their own magesterium. Those who are promoting their own agendas that appears may not be from God. Satan the great liar and deceiver appears as an angel of light and truth. May God help us by obedience to church law to expel this evil spirit from our midst.

Maranâ thâ’ (O Lord Come) Come Lord Jesus! Protect your Church and your people from the many onslaughts and battles with the powers of darkness in this time! Spare your people who hope in you O God.

Virgin Mary star of the sea guide us! Send your legions of Holy Angels with St Michael to deliver us and lead us safely to eternal light!

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Returning to Chesterton, “To have a right to do a thing is not at all the same as to be right in doing it”  Wake up America!
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Spiritual Warfare in Oklahoma City and another battle yet in Rome?

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Fighting evil with the virtue of obedience!

Follow this link for more information on the Bishops Requests for prayer and warnings for those who may have attended out of curiosity. Bishops of Oklahoma and an Exorcist give strong warnings not to attend proposed Black Mass


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