Fatherhood and Family under Attack—The Spirit of Anti-Fatherhood also entered the Church!

Fatherhood and Family Under Attack
According to Msgr. Cirrincione, that which is the common denominator, the future event which this scene foreshadowed during the miracle of the sun is the role of fatherhood. He is led without any doubt to this conclusion because in that last vision at Fatima. St. Joseph was holding the Child Jesus in his arms and both of them were blessing the world, while Our Lady looked on. Msgr. Joseph goes on: “In the convulsions of the sun I see an ominous foreshadowing of the consequences for the world which are sure to be felt if the true Fatherhood of God and the traditional, strong role of the father of the family are rejected by mankind. St. Joseph was the head of the Holy Family not because he was the holiest member of it. In fact, in that respect he was the least. Nor was he the head because he had been chosen by agreement of the other two members. He was the head of the Holy Family because he was the FATHER of the family. And as father he represented God the Father.

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St. Joseph, Fatima and Fatherhood 
Jospeh 3St. Joseph  was named Patron of the Universal Church  and protector of the the second Vatican Council in 1960. This event in the unfolding of providence  linked Fatima and the 3rd secret  with the second Vatican Council and the cold war.  However, those living at the time did not make the correlations with Fatima and the council. The pope probably did as he read the secret and decided not to reveal it. It was within his right as Christs Vicar not wanting to give the enemies of the church reason to fulfill a prophecy. Those who detracted the pope for this are in error!   Most people are unaware that St. Joseph also appeared at Fatima during the Miracle of the Sun. The children saw him while the crowd beheld the stupendous miracle of the sun.  Lucia Writes: “Our Lady having disappeared in the…

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